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Eye of the Storm

The Storm Cycle
Book One of the Post-Apocalyptic Saga
The Author

R.K. King began writing as a kid, using his action figures to craft stories the way an artist uses a form mannequin to craft their drawings. He’d use his little plastic superheroes, mutant turtles, and Force-wielding space wizards to concoct elaborate ongoing narratives which he’d then type down on the family computer.


In high school he was a member of that school’s first cinematography club, writing a number of short film scripts, in which he also acted and/or directed. He then went to film school, earned a degree in film production, realized he didn’t want to be the next Spielberg after all and dabbled in acting for a few years.


But his original love kept calling, and he couldn’t resist the pull to put his author hat back on. R.K. King writes novels, screenplays, and short fiction. He dwells in the genres of science-fiction, horror, and fantasy, and is the author of the post-apocalyptic Storm Cycle series.


King lives in British Columbia with his wife and cat, follow @RKKingwrites on these platforms:

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Eye of The Storm

Heart of the Storm

My Books
What Readers Say

King's post-apocalyptic world is not only inventive and intriguing, his descriptions are among the most riveting you will read.

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