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Eye Of The Storm

Book One Of The Storm Cycle


Meet the survivors of a future wasteland consumed by a planet-wide superstorm. Explore the mystery as a new discovery leads to the search for something we all seek; a place to call home.


Who will win? Who will lose? Who will survive?

You’ll love this clever look at a different kind of apocalypse, as the adventure keeps you turning the pages.

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Heart of the Storm

Book two Of The Storm Cycle

The adventure continues with the remaining Stormwalkers making a startling discovery beyond the Storm. Their choice to seek it out will require a lot of trust, and trust is something that’s been in short supply.

Heart of the Storm is the second book in the thrilling Storm Cycle, a dystopian series that readers say is "eerily descriptive of a world that could easily be a post-apocalyptic reality"

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