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Book Review: Rose Madder

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“It ain't the blows we're dealt that matter, but the ones we survive.”

* * *

If you go into Rose Madder expecting a Stephen King horror, you may be disappointed. This story is a suspense tale, but with supernatural elements woven throughout. No crazy monsters to be found though. The monster in this book is of the human variety.

Sometimes it's a hard read. The story of a battered wife existing at the whims of her manically monstrous husband (a cop too, no less) has some brutal scenes. But this is a story of hope as well, and by the end of the tale you'll be rooting for poor Rosie to rise above the waves, and for Norman to get his deserved fate.

The supernatural side of things begin fairly early on, and sprinkle their way though the chapters until they are right in your face. A lot of the minutiae of what it's supposed to be was lost on me a little bit, but I definitely recognized the tangent references to the Dark Tower series and universe. Ka is a wheel, and all things serve the beam.

Did these scenes take place in Mid-world? Perhaps. Or perhaps somewhere else entirely. It's a bit of a mystery, but knowing the full answers would probably take away from it a bit.

While not a super-exciting story, it's a powerful drama of strong characters, of both the good and evil variety.

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