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Book Review: The Troop

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

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“How could you hide from a murderer who lives under your skin?”

* * *

I appreciate where this tale went, with its Lord of the Flies-esque plot where, when confronted with this sort of situation, what level would you rise-or sink-to? Those who buckle and turn on each other vs those who retain their dignity/humanity. It's a great theme.

My only problem lies with the source of the fear itself. I wouldn't necessarily classify this book as horror. It's more sci-fi in my opinion. I wont spoil the details of the threat the boys encounter, but i personally feel it's more along the lines of a sci fi creature feature. If we were to compare to movies, I'd say it's less in the vein of monter-filled horror like Dracula or the Wolfman, and more like the 50s creature sci fi flicks like Them! etc.

Because of this i found it less scary, more just gross. But amazing description leads me to ponder what the audiobook must be like :)

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