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Updated: Apr 4, 2022

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“There are those who labor in the darkness, that the rest of us might live in the light.”

* * *

I'm torn with this book.

Like the previous two entries in the Monstrumologist series, Isle Of Blood is very well-written. The descriptions are visceral and splattered over the grotesque and macabre. Scenes are chilling and keeps you wanting to learn the answers to the mysteries. The characters are as strong, if not stronger, as they've ever been. So what's the problem?

The monster.

In the previous books, the monsters were defined in their own ways. This time around, things are far more...vague. There is a thematic reason, of course. The dark heart of man, man being the true monsters, etc. That works. I get it, and enjoyed it. But when it came to the actual...things... on the island, my understanding of the story suffered. I've heard storied of raining blood, or of meaty flesh falling from the sky. Using these strange stories as the basis for this one was great. But then tying it all into this existential message, I guess it was the mechanics of everything that didn't add up for me.

I see so many 4/5 star reviews, so maybe this issue is just me. Don't get me wrong; the story, the scenes, the characters, everything is top notch.... it's just this one element I didn't catch on to, but would love to be informed lol.

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