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Book Review: The Final Descent

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

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“For the boy on the bridge. And for all the boys for a hundred generations who drop their lines into the swift dark water to catch the leviathans lurking in the deep: These are the secrets.”

* * * *

A powerful ending to a great series.

This entire book series has had a few ups and downs in regards to the pacing and plotting. Book 1 took some time to understand the world. Book 2 was split into almost 2 separate stories. Book 3 had a confusing explanation of what the monster was. And this, Book 4, doesn't end.

Not quite. At least not the sort of ending most readers would be expecting. Major questions are left unanswered. This would have angered me, until I realized it wasn't the point. there is a bigger point to the books.

There is a bleakness that worms its way through the entire series. It began in book 1 with the origins of Will Henry, and it continues right until the end of this final book. He is a tragic character. He is a broken character. And he is a monstrous character.

That's one of the best elements of this particular entry; the title. The Final Descent refers to a couple of different things, the most important, I think, being the journey of our protagonist.

I hope there are no plans to continue this series. Leave the end mystery as it is. It's infuriating, but it's also deep and existential in its bleakness.

This whole series seems to have gone under the radar, compared to a lot of other YA series. Even the author's own other series, The 5th Wave books, got a lot of attention. But not this series so much. Shame, because this series blows all those others out of the water.

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