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Book Review: Rage Against The Night

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

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“Shit happens; sometimes miracles happen, too. I read it in The Reader’s Digest.”

* * * *

I bought this kindle book quite some time ago, and I'd pick away at the short stories within over time. It unfortunately managed to get itself lodged in the lower tiers of my kindle files and didn't get looked at again for quite some time. I've since rectified that, and I'm glad I did because there are some awesome stories in here.

First off, Rage Against The Night was created to help with a horror author's medical bills. That part of it had a bittersweet ending, but I am amazed at the outpouring of enjoyment and gratitude from both readers and writers alike.

Some of my top stories include:

Keeping Watch by Nate Kenyon

Afterword, There Will Be A Hallway by Gary A. Braunbeck

Roadside Memorials by Joseph Nassise

Agatha's Ghost by Ramsey Campbell

Chillers by Lisa Morton

Dead Air by Gary Kemble

Fair Extension by Stephen King

There were a couple I did not enjoy, they came across less horror and more hardboiled detective or crime thriller. But mostly they were great. Some of these first appeared in other publications, some are first published here. All in all a great horror collection.

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