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Book Review: Fevre Dream

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

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“Beneath it his skin was milky white, serene and unlined, ready to begin anew, ready for the world to write upon it.”

* * *

This was an interesting take on vampire mythology, where George RR Martin knew to stick with the important stuff while expanding on sensible traits to use as his own.

The protagonist, Abner Marsh, is an unlikely one. Being a big, ugly, mean spirited brute of a man, it's tricky to root for the guy at first, but Martin does just the right things to create that arc for the character.

Two of the main vampires, and one of their followers, are very interesting. Unfortunately, the rest of the supporting cast are just place holders that don't amount to anything. I feel like there was a waste in regards to Valerie, Jean, Hairy Mike, and others.

This is a cool introduction to Martin's work if you haven't read Game of Thrones. It's got a great vibe and flavor to it, though Martin does seem to go overboard with the Steamboat lingo at times. But I would really like to see a movie of this get made, all kept in the time period. And an unlikely casting choice I'd make for Abner Marsh.... Jack Black in a more serious role. Just picture it.

Cool vampires. Cool setting and atmosphere. Check it out.

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