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A post-apocalyptic world with now laws, no safety, and no hope.

“…inventive and intriguing…” – BookViral

It All Began With The Sound Of Thunder.
A Thunder That Came In The Night.

A Thunder That Changed The World.

Then came the Apocalypse. Cities crumbled. Nations vanished. In a world where there is nothing left, only one thing remains.

The Storm.

When Aiden, a young survivor in a post-apocalyptic world, discovers a mysterious girl who speaks an unknown language within the wreck of a crashed airplane, he comes to understand there must be a safe land somewhere out there.

Beyond The Eye.

But in order to find this new land they will have to leave the relative safety of the Eye and face the Storm. It will not be easy. They will need the help of the Stormwalkers, a mysterious group of nomads who choose to live in the Storm. They are a mystery. They may not be what they seem. They may not even be human.
As the expedition ventures beyond the wastelands and into the Storm they will be confronted with dangers unlike anything they’ve ever seen, and wonders unlike anything they could ever imagine.

R.K. King takes us on a breath-taking journey through a post-apocalyptic world that has no laws, no safety and no hope.
Eye Of The Storm is an instant sci-fi / post-apocalyptic classic that redefines the genre and sets you on an emotional roller-coaster with one ultimate goal: survival.

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Watching, Waiting to be Explored


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