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Mansions of Madness (Part 7)

The time arrived, where the one remaining unplayed base set scenario had to be faced. It was time for our group to play Shattered Bonds. Bring on the Cthulhu-goodness!

After her return from a family vacation in the southern isles, Grace Bechman, a former associate, has begged for your help. Something terrible stalks the Bechman family. You must repair the shattered bonds that once protected the world and defend the Bechman family from their awful fate.

Difficulty: 5 out of 5!

Our intrepid characters for this story included:

FINN EDWARDS, the bootlegger

DIANA STANLEY, the redeemed cultist

TOMMY MULDOON, the rookie cop

MARIE LAMBEAU, the entertainer

And yet again, another return of the ever lucky PRESTON FAIRMONT, the millionaire

We approached this story with caution, being a really long scenario at the highest difficulty, not really knowing if we’d make it. We did figure out pretty quick though the goal of the game; getting the idol pieces collected in time. We succeeded at that, though not without the loss of two members of the Bechman clan. I’m proud to say that we defeated the creature and stopped the emerging of the Great Old One. Newcomers Finn Edwards, Diana Stanley, Tommy Muldoon, & Marie Lambeau, along with the still victorious millionaire Preston Fairmont, are added to the survivor pool!

Until next time!


(all artwork © Fantasy Flight Games)

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