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A Journey

New England

The Mrs. and I went on a long-awaited trip to the east coast and toured much of what New England had to offer. I’ve been to the east coast once before, to Florida, but this was incredibly different. We saw Boston, Salem, Cape Cod and my new favourite city Providence.


We started off with Boston and tackling the Freedom Trail. I was incredibly impressed with the localized history of it all, and being a Canadian I’m still amazed to ponder the idea of homes and graves etc that are older than my own country. Just wait until I visit Europe!
But yes, the Freedom Trail was a great experience, both for actually learning the path and walking the steps of the Revolution, but also for a little self-indulgence of the Fallout 4 references (for those not familiar, it takes place in a post-apocalyptic Boston). Bunker Hill was extraordinary.


Next came Providence, RI. I absolutely fell in love with this town. Granted, I’d had previous literary exposure to it via the late H.P. Lovecraft, but actually walking its streets was an absolute treasure to me. Its downtown core felt like a mini New York City, but without the huge crowds. Its College Hill area was just the best, from its intact historical homes to its cobblestone streets to Brown University itself. I’m envious of folks who live in that area, and if I were American that is most certainly the place I’d live. Being Lovecraft’s hometown, and he being such a revered author to me, we took a walking tour of his old haunts, his home and the Lovecraft Arts and Sciences store. I could have bought up everything in that place, but had to settle for just a couple items, including the book you see in the picture. We visited Lovecraft’s grave, and were pleased to see the care others have placed upon it with little gifts and coins. It’s sad that he never got to see the true levels of success his work would eventually reach, but his work has indeed influenced almost all modern genre work, and that is a great thing.

Then we visited Salem, and on Halloween day no less! Again, lots of history here, and I never really stopped to ponder until now how the witch trials only lasted the better part of a year. And yet their legacy endures to this day. I was also impressed with just how open and accepting everyone there is of Halloween, witchcraft, paganism and all manner of beliefs really. I had been previously worried that it would have been too ‘touritsty’ or tacky, and although there were a couple places like that, overall it really felt like a full, ‘authentic’ experience which I really enjoyed.
Other places we visited included Cape Cod, Newport and Fall River. Fall River is where Lizzie Borden’s house was, and again we learned some very interesting sides to the story which left me leaving the tour having a fresh viewpoint on the whole thing.
If you are ever in any of these areas I DEFINITELY recommend taking in the sights and experiences.


Until next time,


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