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Mansions Of Madness (Part 6)

A long-awaited entry, as our player group had held off doing this scenario in the hopes of using two newer investigators with it. Lo and behold the time finally came to play…

Part 6: Dearly Departed

Bodies of the recently deceased have been disappearing from morgues and fresh graves all over town. The Hangman’s Hill cemetery has seen the worst of the thefts, and you are dead certain that is no coincidence.  

Difficulty: 5 out of 5

I played Wilson Richards, the handyman. He was one of the specific investigators we wanted to field in this scenario.

Akachi Onyele, the shaman, was the second specific character we wanted used for this story. Accompanying them were…

Monterey Jack, the archeologist

Darrell Simmons, the photographer

and finally William Yorrick, the gravedigger.

This was a tough one, folks. What started as a straightforward investigation, exploring the graveyards and discovering clue after clue, came to turn the proverbial tables upon us. The game was not a forgiving one, and we soon found our characters besieged on all sides from zombies, witches and maniacs. We didn’t get to the secret device in time, and when it activated, our entire party was turned into the living dead. That’s right. Our entire party of characters, including two that we had specifically held on to for this particular story, were all killed at once. Instant death. TPK. The survivors’ pool has decreased drastically from this, friends. Things aren’t looking good for the remaining heroes who are still tasked with preventing the rise of the Old Gods, and keeping the madness at bay!

Until next time!

(all artwork © Fantasy Flight Games)

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