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The Great Lovecraft Mythos Movie Campaign - Part 3

Lovecraft: FROM BEYOND

I made a decision to tackle the bulk of films out there adapted from HP Lovecraft’s work. Why, you ask? 1, because Lovecraft is one of my favourite authors. He created a far-reaching fictional universe that started an entirely new genre of horror. Many only know of Cthulhu, and many don’t even know THAT much. I’d like to shed a little light in that darkness. And 2, think of it as my tantrum or protest of sorts that Mountains of Madness has still never been made into a major movie. Bring on the Elder Things, dammit!

For Part 3 of the Lovecraft Mythos Movie Journey brings us From Beyond, a 1986 horror film based on the short story of the same name.

As the poster says, From Beyond is made by the same creators as Re-Animator (to be talked about in a future post). This film feels a lot like Re-Animator, the same tone and vein. It is a story of an inventor who creates a device which shifts reality around it, allowing you to see and interact with beings that exist within those other realities or dimensions. It deals a lot with the pineal gland within the human brain, a topic which I don’t remember if was talked about in the short story or not. The story focuses on the inventor’s assistant Crawford Tillinghast (who was actually the inventor in the short story) and his new team on investigators, the scientist Dr Katherine McMichaels and the steely Sgt Bubba Brownlee.

Every time the device is switched on, reality breaks down more and more, until all hell breaks loose and the investigators find themselves going insane. You can also tell from the poster that there is a lot of body horror going on, and a ton of practical effects which I really appreciated, even the less successful ones. There is also an unmentioned nod to the Mi-Go within the film, which if you are a a fan and aware, is neat. If not, nothing lost in it’s presentation.

All-in-all, From Beyond, though certainly dated, is a fun, cheezy and over-the-top Cronenberg-esque body horror in the vein of The Fly. If you like that sort of thing, then enjoy!

Rating: B-

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