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Mansions of Madness – (Part 5)

In our newest outing of occultish mayhem, we investigate the disappearance of a wannabe author who disappeared within her inherited manor. This chapter was played on International Tabletop Game Day too, so all the better.

Part 5: Dark Reflections

Aspiring novelist Ada Miller insisted something was wrong with the country estate she inherited from her great aunt. Her publisher believed it was all in Ada’s writerly imagination until she missed her deadline-and the train back to Arkham she swore she was taking. Now you must uncover what caused Ada to vanish and what she feared in her isolated country manor.

Difficulty: 3 out of 5

I played Harvey Walters, the professor. Joining the old man were;

Kate Winthrop, the scientist

Sister Mary, the nun

Vincent Lee, the doctor

And making a return appearance, Carson Sinclair, the butler. Perhaps Carson was just looking for a new manor to cater to?

Arriving at the manor, Ms Ada Miller was nowhere to be found. After exploring the vacant rooms, it became quite unsettling the number of large mirrors present. Little did we know how important they would become. In the attic, a massive mirror was revealed to be a portal to a mirror universe, inhabited by a vicious monster made of glass shards. Pulled into the mirror universe by one who betrayed us, we found ourselves constantly attacked by the beast. Dr Vincent Lee proved to be the MVP of the night, as, with continued assists from his faithful servant Carson, Dr Lee destroyed the majority of the mirrors, cutting off the monster’s hunting route. But alas, although ultimately destroyed, the creature’s continued attacks proved too much for old Harvey Walters to withstand. Upon opening a door to a small bedroom, he and Carson were blasted with glass shards which claimed Harvey’s life. His high sanity tolerance did not aid him against the brutal physical attacks of shattered glass.

Harvey Walters sadly joined the death pool, while Carson Sinclair returned to the survivors’ pool, and was joined by Vincent Lee, Sister Mary and Kate Winthrop.

Until next case….

(All artwork © Fantasy Flight Games)

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