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Mansions Of Madness – (Part 4)

In a new instalment of Mansions Of Madness, we find a ‘who-dunnit’ type of story that needs solving.

Part 4: Vengeful Impulses

An acquaintance named Thomas Carvey requests the pleasure of your company at a dinner party. Among his other invitees is the man or woman Carvey believes to be plotting his demise. Using the party as a cover, find out who is planning Carvey’s murder and why.

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

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I played Carson Sinclair, the butler. He hails from the base set of the game and hadn’t been used yet. Accompanying Sinclair were;

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Bob Jenkins, the salesman

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Dexter Drake, the magician

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Monterey Jack, the archaeologist

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And yet another go-around for Preston Fairmont, the millionaire. But then again, with such an exclusive dinner party who can blame him for returning so soon?

Thomas Carvey was quick to make it clear what the night would hold; that he believed one of the other guests present in his mansion was out to kill him. The suspects each had their reasons, and it was up to us to figure out the culprit. After some interviews, the power was cut and poor Carvey was indeed murdered. But the question of his killer remained, and when the power returned, the investigation continued. It was clear multiple people had been out to acquire some of Carvey’s artifacts, but the identity of the killer remained unknown. The investigators decided to take a chance and accuse one of the suspects, but this was a wrong accusation, and the ghost of Carvey appeared to show his displeasure. Next came a battle for our lives against an unholy and vengeful spirit. But the night was to be won for the side of good, and Dexter Drake, the magic-wielding magician, dealt the final blow with a powerful spell that destroyed the ghost for good. The identity of Carvey’s killer remained unknown…

This ‘successful’ mission resulted in all the investigators surviving, returning Preston Fairmont to the survivors’ pool, and adding Monterey Jack, Dexter Drake, Bob Jenkins and Carson Sinclair.

Until next time…

(All artwork © Fantasy Flight Games)

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