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Being Thankful

As Canadian Thanksgiving has made its arrival (to my American peeps, just consider this written a few weeks from now!), I find myself pondering the meaning behind it. There has been a lot of “heat” pressed on it over the years, and it seems to have really culminated more recently. More and more people choose to boycott the concept of the holiday, citing that it’s a day that celebrates the near extinction of a society of people. I get that. It happened. It is indeed a part of history. When discussing the founding of the country, there is no denying it was a major part of it all.
But at the same time, I do see world events unfolding before us, right here and now. These are some volatile times we are living in, from the political climate to natural disasters to economic uncertainty, it’s hard to say for sure where things are going to land. These are factors that are occurring now. Right now. It impacts us all in this very moment, and for me, personally, it has brought me to pause and see the forest through the trees, as it were.
I am thankful.
I’m thankful I can walk the streets and feel relatively safe. I’m thankful the area I live doesn’t seem to be the target of politically-motivated attacks of terror and/or wanton acts of chaotic destruction. I’m thankful to have access to decent food and clean water. I’m thankful I have the freedom to pursue my goals in life. I’m thankful to have a day job that provides vacation enough, that after saving a lot, I just took a MONTH off to continue work on the next book. I’m thankful to have a loving and caring wife who supports my dreams.
These aren’t bragging rights by any means, but it is a list that highlights how, in many parts of the world, things like this are not even possible anymore, if they ever were.
And yes, no one’s life is perfect. There’s always that next goal, or that wishing for something you don’t have. It’s inherently human to have those views. But take that moment, where instead of focusing on what you don’t have or have maybe lost, turn that focus toward what you do have or have succeeded in.
Politics aside, I think that’s the real (and more positive) meaning behind the holiday.
And so, today I am thankful. How about you?
Just my 2 cents…

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